"Whale Watching" Scrub Hat

This is  bouffant style of scrub hat. It has pleats in front and a drawstring with a toggle in the back making it possible to adjust the fit for any head size. 
Whale watching pattern

  1. I just love the aqua blue of this fabric and the cute little pink and yellow fish on it; but the name of this hat comes from the majestic whales that are on it. 

The pleats are not marked out on the pattern. They are just created by pinching and pinning down the fabric. They don't all have to be exactly the same size or distance apart they still look great. I will explain how to make the pleats fully in the tutorial. If you consider your sewing expertise to be at an intermediate level you should find this hat fairly easy to make.

"The Dragonfly" Scrub hat with fold up brim, tie and elastic at back

I named this hat after the little dragonflies all over the fabric. I like the look of this fold up brim. The brim extends beyond the edge of the hat at the back and is long enough to tie in a small bow. In the middle of the back there is also elastic. This bit of elastic just helps to contain the hair. This is a good hat to make if you are sewing one for someone else. Because of the ties. it adjusts for every head size. For the display on this manequin I left it a little loose. I did this because this is how tight I tied it on my own head. I wanted to display how long the tie hangs down at the back for a person with an average size head. (The manequin has a smaller than average head) When I tie it on my own head it does not gap at the front like this and it sits further back from my eye.

"Walk like an Egyptian" Scrub Hat tutorial--No download needed

This scrub hat is a little different than most conventional ones.
Why do I call it the "Walk like an Egyptian" scrub hat? Because of the design and shape. Below is a picture of it standing up straight. It reminds me of an ancient Egyptian headress. Just remember to give it a little tug at the back after you put it on. I actually walked out of the change room like this one morning!

See the resemblance?
I find it is very comfortable to wear. This is a great hat to make if you have a stash of scraps you want to use up. This design easily holds long hair.
There is a  little toggle at the back which snugs it up to feel just right. I find it stays put and doesn't ride up on the forehead.

"The Hummingbird" Classic scrub hat with elastic

This is a classic style of scrub hat. It has elastic in the back which makes it quick and easy to put on. It is fairly form fitting but not tight. If you have medium or medium/long hair you can still fit a ponytail in the back of this hat. I have a very medium size head and this feels just right for me. I took a tape measure and put it around my head just above my eyebrows, over the tops of my ears and around the back of my head. The measurement was 22 inches. If your head is a similar circumference then this hat should fit you too. At the end of the tutorial I will tell you how to adjust the fit if it doesn't feel perfect when you try it on. I would say this hat is fairly easy to make if you have some sewing experience.